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Accreditation represents quality. It show a landlords is serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards.

How will membership benefit me?

·         Recognition: Being a DASH Accredited Landlord will set you apart from the rest. The scheme will provide public recognition that you are a reputable landlord who not only maintains property standards, but who also treats tenants fairly and manages the property well.

·         Market Advantage: Our marketing campaign will ensure that accreditation is understood and widely recognised by current and future tenants.

·         Branding: You will be able to use the logo in adverts and letterheads to promote yourself giving you an edge above the rest.

·         Information: As an accredited landlord you will have access to training and best practice guidance. Landlords can take advantage of our guidance materials and events to enable them to understand fully property management and how to deal with tenancies in an ever changing environment.

·         Supplier Benefits:  DASH members have access to a range of specially discounted services which have been negotiated for you by DASH.

·         Less Risk:  DASH will help you to be aware of property standards and assess at least one of your properties without introducing any enforcement action.  We are there to guide you. An accredited landlord is viewed as low risk by Local Authorities because of this – and is less likely to go through any enforcement action and fines.

Incentives: Becoming accredited can give you access to preferential service from LA’s and other organisations which will make your lettings business run smoothly and reduce void periods. These incentives include access to: Housing Options, Bond schemes, university accommodation centres and discounts on license fees. Check these incentives with your local services.

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