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Accreditation represents quality. It show a landlords is serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards.

I have applied to the Nottingham Standard via DASH do I get a discount?

A number of property owners or managers already deliver good quality and well managed homes and have gained Nottingham Standard accreditation via DASH or UNIPOL.

Nottingham City Council cannot exempt them from the licensing scheme, but because this makes the task of licensing these properties easier so they are offering a discount for those accredited.

To receive the discount, landlords who have tenanted properties needed to already be accredited via the Nottingham Standard, or have applied to become accredited before 31 July 2018. 

Landlords are still encouraged to apply for the "Nottingham Standard" and the many benefits it brings via DASH or Unipol, but if they have tenanted properties, applications made to DASH and Selective Licensing after 31st July won’t be able to benefit from a discount on the licence fee.

Landlords will need to have become FULLY accredited by the time the second payment for licensing is taken. 


A completed application is one in which a landlord has:

· entered ALLtheir properties onto their DASH application

· uploaded their gas, electric (EICR) and EPC certificates onto their DASH application

· paid the Nottingham Standard accreditation membership fee

· completed the DASH online training

- had a positive healthy homes visit by DASH ot at least 10% of your portfolio


No guidance has been given by NCC on when this second payment will be taken so landlords are encouraged to complete the accreditation as soon as possible to avoid being charge the full £780 license fee

More information on selective licensing can be found here https://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/housing/landlords-guide-to-licensing-your-rented-properties/selective-licensing


If you have applied to DASH primarily for a presumed discount on your selective license which you now realise, based on this information, won’t be granted, and wish to cancel your application then please let me know within 72 hours of making the application via email linda.cobb@derby.gov.uk.  If we do hear from you will be sent the payment link and charged for accreditation and your application will be processed and no refunds will be given

If you have any queries on discounting please contact the selective licensing team on 0115 876 1331


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