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Rogue Landlord Enforcement Grant

The Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government is excited to announce that from the 12th of November they are accepting bids for grants from a £2 million fund specifically aimed at supporting local authorities with their enforcement work. This money has been set aside to develop effective tools and approaches that they think will help your team take action to tackle criminal landlords who are making tenants’ lives a misery.

They welcome bids of any size which would have a meaningful impact on enforcement. Their aim is to encourage especially effective or innovative ways of supporting enforcement action that can be shared with other local authorities. 

Although they are looking for new ideas, it doesn't have to be something that has not been thought of before. If it's new to your and some extra funds will help you prove the concept, or if you have something which you knnow works but need a bit of extra resource to make it scalable, please do think about making an application. 

What is most important is that the grant will help you deliver real, measurable improvements and enable your enforcement stratefy to become self- sustaining. 

Bids could range from small-scale funding to build on an already sucessful project, to developing a relationship with other organisations such as the emergency services, legal services or local housing advocates. The Council encourage approaches which seek to join up work across local authority departments such as Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Social Services & Trading Standards. 

The deadline for applications is 30 November 2018. For more information and how to apply, please see the prospectus here:


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