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Right to Rent fines to increase


Further to recent updates and communications you have received, the Home Office has published the Code of Practice for the Right to rent Scheme, which will come into force on the 13 February 2024. It can be found on GOV.UK at: 




This sets out the prescribed checks and information that must be retained by landlords and letting agents to obtain a statutory excuse against liability for a civil penalty and how the Home Office determines the value of the civil penalty in cases where illegal renting is identified. 


The uplift to the civil penalty levels have passed through the parliamentary process and are now concluded. The main changes mark the introduction of the new civil penalty levels for landlords on 13 February 2024.


The civil penalty will be raised to £5,000 per lodger and £10,000 per occupier for a first breach, with repeat breaches set at £10,000 per lodger and £20,000 per occupier.



First Breach

Repeat Breach

(within 3 years)


£5,000 (per lodger)

£10,000 (per occupier)

£10,000 (per lodger)

£20,000 (per occupier)


Advice on what Landlords Should Do:

  • Review Your Processes: Take this opportunity to review your current Right to Rent check processes and ensure they align with the latest regulations.
  • Document Verification: Keep thorough records of the checks you conduct, including any communications with tenants and copies of relevant documents.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly check for updates on Right to Rent regulations to remain informed about any changes that may impact your responsibilities as a landlord - or get accredited or join a landlord association :-) 

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