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Leicester City Council (LCC) Licensing Scheme Update

Hopefully landlords in Leicester city are signed up to the council’s licensing scheme newsletter which is free and easy to do. However, DASH have placed an extract below for ease.  Don’t forget to get in touch with our team if you need any help with your accreditation dash@derby.gov.uk or call 01332 641111


Dated 09.08.2023


‘’ We've received 2,651 applications to date, undertaken 2,188 inspections and issued 1,782 licences.


We're now proceeding to undertake investigations into liable landlords and letting agents who have not engaged with the selective licensing team. This will be via a two-pronged approach:


·        We will be contacting all letting and management agents and advising of the requirements to licence a private rented sector property within the selective licensing areas, and also the ramifications of the property not being licenced. We will also begin contacting landlords directly through intelligence received.


·        We have also started a door knocking exercise on streets within the selective licensing to identify rental properties and landlord details and provide leaflets explaining tenants’ rights. The team carry Leicester City Council ID and will not request or require access to the property. They will ask if the property is rented and the landlords’ details. They will further be advised to contact their landlord and advise we have visited the property. Our website will continue to be updated to support tenants, landlords and agents.


We are undertaking these actions as tenants and landlords have asked us to identify landlords who do not engage with the scheme. We will only visit private rented and owner-occupied properties in scheme areas to ensure the tenure information we hold is correct.


For landlords who do engage with us, we are currently maintaining some discounts to help reduce fees.


The discounts that are still available are:


·        The licence holder is eligible for a 10% discount if they are a member of an accredited landlord association. Managing and letting agents may only claim this discount if they are the licence holder.  Accreditation status must be maintained throughout the duration of the scheme.

·        Registered charities will receive a 10% discount, providing charitable status is maintained for duration of the scheme.

·        Properties with an EPC banding A, B and C are entitled to a 10% discount to acknowledge the works undertaken on the property in excess of the legal minimum standard.

·        Multiple applications by landlords or managing agents will receive a 10% discount.  To receive the discount, you must be the licence holder for each property applied for.

·        Properties in the Gold Leasing Scheme (those leased to Leicester City Council whilst still maintaining management) will be entitled to a 10% discount, providing property remains on the Gold Leasing Scheme for the duration of the selective licensing scheme.


It is a legal requirement that all rental properties within the designated selective licensing areas are licensed from 10 October 2022. Failure to obtain a licence is a defence for a tenant against a section 21 being issued and may lead to a rent repayment order against a landlord for repayment of rent backdated to the 10 October 2022 being issued.


For those landlords who fail to respond to the selective licensing scheme, they will be sought, and legal action will be taken. Those landlords and agents that have begun an application and have ceased to complete an application or respond to the council's repeated calls, and therefore the application has been cancelled, have been added to our list of landlords who are not licenced. The council still wishes to support and work with landlords, letting and managing agents and whilst engaged with us we will not begin legal proceedings.’’

The LCC drop-in sessions are back. Aware that some residents, including landlords, don't have access to computers or the ability to attach documents to an online application. To help digitally excluded people out, LCC have been running drop-in sessions across the city for landlords to provide assistance from selective licensing administration staff and housing inspectors.


Drop-in slots must be booked in advance and you should allow 45 minutes per booking. We have several computers available at the events.

Bookable slots are:


22 September and 23 October, Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, Rothley Street, LE4 6LF

Slots available 10am,10.45am,11.30am,12.15pm,1.30pm, 2.15pm, 3pm, 3.45pm


5 September and 12 October, The Brite Centre, Braunstone Avenue, LE3 1LE

Slots available: 10am, 10.45am, 11.30am, 12.15pm, 1.30pm, 2.15pm, 3pm, 3.45pm



The Selective Licensing website is regularly being updated.

Please email us if you have any enquiries regarding any of the following:

  • New applications
  • Payments
  • Requesting an exemption or reporting a change of circumstances
  • Searching a licence on the public register (it is a requirement of the scheme that a register is available)
  • Making an enquiry to the team (this form can also be used to submit documents to us)
  • Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour in the designated areas or generally within the city

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