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Nottingham City Council's (NCC) 2nd Selective Licensing scheme

NCC's Council’s Executive Board agreed on the proposals for a second scheme of selective licensing in January 2023.

The submission was sent to the Secretary of State in March 2023 for confirmation.

Safer Housing received official approval for the second new scheme of selective licensing from the Secretary of State in July 2023.

The second selective licensing scheme will officially start on 1st December 2023 and covers an estimated 30,000 privately rented homes across designated areas of the city. It aims to give private tenants better quality accommodation and management as well as protection from bad landlords.

Tenants will also know what is expected of their landlord in terms of the maintenance, safety, and management of their home.

NCC recommend landlords/agents apply for their license after the 1st September 2023.

The Council is also reviewing its licence application form following feedback and is making it quicker and simpler to complete.

Landlords who have properties licensed in the first scheme will NOT need a new license UNTIL their current licence expires.

Landlords who have not previously licensed their properties or have new properties within the designation (scheme area) WILL need to apply.

If you wish to view the proposed designation, and check if your property is within the proposed area, please visit the links provided below;


My Property


Nottingham Insight Mapping under the ‘Housing and Property’ layers;

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