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Queens Speech Update

There has been lots written over the past few days on the outcomes of the Queens Speech for us working in the private rented sector 

The Government’s plans to bring forward a Renters Reform Bill which appears to centre around 4 landmark reforms to the sector:

·        The application of the Decent Homes Standard to the PRS for the first time ever, meaning that all rented homes must be free of serious hazards and repairs must be made to ensure properties are in a reasonable condition.

·        The requirement for all landlords to register with a new private rented property portal bringing together information about properties in one place. The portal will help landlords understand their rights and responsibilities, support effective enforcement by local authorities and empower prospective tenants to make informed choices about renting.

·        The Abolishing of section 21 evictions. Possession grounds for landlords will be reformed, introducing new and stronger grounds for repeated incidences of rent arrears and reducing notice periods for anti-social behaviour, ensuring that they can regain their property efficiently when needed.

·        The introduction of a new PRS Ombudsman covering all PRS landlords who rent out property in England, giving private rented sector tenants full access to redress. 

 DASH will of course be keeping our landlords updated with any key changes as and when they occur.  

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