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Tribunal Decision on Undersized HMO

The First Tier Tribunal has confirmed Leeds City Council's decision to refuse to grant a HMO licence on the basis that the property is not sufficiently sized. The property is a four storey back-to-back consisting of a combined kitchen, living room and dining room in the basement, and two bedrooms on the ground floor, first floor and second floor. Following the Council's decision to refuse a HMO application for 6 persons, the Tribunal agreed that "it is inconceivable that 6 persons could adequately, reasonably and safely live in a property of this size and it cannot be reconfigured as to make it suitable".

Further information on the decision can be found here.

Landlords are always advised to read the amenities and space guide for the paticular local authority area their rentals properties are in and if in any doubt seek additional help


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