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Accreditation represents quality. It show a landlords is serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards.

What is DASH Landlord Accreditation?

DASH Landlord Accreditation is a voluntary accreditation scheme that has been operating since 2008. It is open to landlords in the East Midlands who agree to meet a set of benchmark standards. These standards are set out in the DASH Code of Conduct, which covers both housing management and property standards.


The aims of DASH accreditation are:


·         to encourage and promote good property standards and management practices in the private rented sector by recognising landlords who commit to accreditation

·         to raise the profile and promote the public image of the private rented sector

·         to support landlords in their development and knowledge by making available resource materials to inform, educate, raise awareness and encourage good practice

·         to reduce disputes and misunderstandings between landlords, tenants and Local Authorities


DASH Landlord accreditation offers a quality mark to members and is not a landlord association, buying group or licensing scheme. Please note that some of the requirements in the Code of Conduct may be higher standards than the Local Authority would ask for; this is because accreditation is a voluntary undertaking and seeks to improve standards in the private rented sector.

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