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Accreditation represents quality. It show a landlords is serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards.

Scheme Manual

The DASH Landlord Accreditation Scheme Manual outlines how the scheme operates and what requirements are made of landlords in terms of standards and conduct.

An Accredited Landlord is one who can demonstrate sound business and management practices. As such, the scheme promotes a standard of professionalism in the management and standard of accommodation offered in the private rented sector.

DASH Scheme Manual 

Landlords will be accountable to the Code of Conduct whilst they are members of the scheme.

Please note the DASH Scheme Manual went under a review in Novemeber 2023 for more information see our news page: - DASH Services - DASH Scheme Manual Review 2023

The DASH Accredittaion and Appeals Panel (AAP) role is to ensure that the Code is managed in a way which is both firm and fair.

 Click here to view the AAP Terms of Reference

Landlords should read through the Scheme Manaual thoroughly to ensure that they can comply with its provisions before signing up as a member, as failure to adhere to the code may result in a landlord’s membership being cancelled and Landlords may then have any associated benefits (such as reduced Licensing payments) reclaimed back from the Local Authority.

Click here to view the DASH Accreditation Cancellation Policy

Click here to view the DASH Accreditation Complex Case Policy 

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